What College Doesn’t Teach You

What College Doesn’t Teach You

If you’re a recent graduate with big dreams of starting a business and flourishing as an entrepreneur, it’s important to remember that college was only the beginning. In order to really succeed with your small business, you have to learn some things your college professor never taught you.

Before you start your company, know this:

College is chaos, Business is method.

College is full of late night study sessions trying to cram in knowledge for an exam. And that tactic usually works. But not so with business. When it comes to your company, you need to slow down and do steady work daily, not all in one 24 hour sitting. It takes time and patience to develop your business skills. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Group projects help your hiring skills.

Everyone has been involved in group projects in college where someone doesn’t carry their weight and ends up getting the same grade as the ones who do all the work. Let this be your guide to learn how to hire productive employees. By observing the characteristics of the group, you can learn how to spot smart and hard working individuals who will form a strong team at your company. Good leadership means putting together people with complementary skills.

Learning doesn’t stop with graduation.

Being a good business owner requires lifelong learning and expansion. It’s vital to your business that you keep up with evolving business strategies, technology, and your own personal growth. How can you do this? Seek out a mentor. Get involved with your community and business organizations. Regularly read books or listen to cd’s that keep you up to date about your industry.

If you’re a recent grad, good luck on starting a successful business!

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