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Highly mobile employees often feel like strangers when returning to the office. Because the mobile or telecommuting worker doesn’t have a permanent desk, he has to land at a spare desk, a free conference room or borrow the office of a coworker out at a meeting.  If there’s no desk, he’ll wind up setting up a laptop in the lobby or kitchen. So how do you provide an acceptable place for these employees when they are in the office?

The solution is hoteling, a workspace strategy which allows employees who travel or work flexible hours to reserve a desk, office or meeting space as needed. Reservations are made through an electronic reservation system. For your business, hoteling maximizes existing workspace and reduces the need for dedicated office space, thereby cutting operating costs. For the employee, hoteling improves productivity and allows the worker to collaborate with coworkers and clients. It’s another way Metro Offices can help you make innovative use of DC office space to accommodate the flexible schedules and work habits of your employees while simultaneously reducing expenses.

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Hoteling Benefits

  • Accommodate employees who do not require a dedicated space
    Always have a welcoming spot for traveling and part-time workers.
  • Maximize existing workspace
    No more empty desks gathering dust.
  • Reduce the amount of leased or owned real estate space
    Fewer desks mean lower operating costs for your business.
  • Foster more collaboration and teamwork
    Employees get access to management and company resources when they need them.
  • Online workspace booking system
    Team members simply reserve a space when they need it, electronically.

Hoteling Amenities

  • Multi-line telephone
  • Unlimited local & long distance calling
  • No less than a Gig of fiber at every Metro Office
  • Access to all on-site support services
  • Community cafés & member lounges

Hoteling Uses

  • Mobile & telecommuting workers
  • Part-time employees
  • Contractors

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Hoteling is a unique strategy that can lessen the number of unused office spaces and promote collaboration. Contact Metro Offices today at (703) 871-5208 to discuss if hoteling is the right solution for you.