Three Benefits of Using Private Office Space in 2021

COVID-19 vaccines are here and making their way through the population. While that’s fantastic news, shortages of the shot everywhere mean we’re likely to see social distancing and remote work remain in place for the foreseeable future. 

Solopreneurs and small entrepreneurs who can’t stand the thought of working from home another week, let alone another six months, need not despair, however. Private, professional office spaces in clean, regularly sanitized spots abound.

Below, we discuss the top three benefits of using private office space in 2021 and beyond. 

Benefit 1: Kiss distractions goodbye

It’s no secret that working in an environment not intended solely for work can be difficult. Among the top distractions cited by workers (33.8%) doing their jobs from home since the pandemic broke out is the presence of children, according to a recent survey. Many schools remain closed to in-person learning, meaning kids are still at home. All. Day. Anyone who’s tried to do their jobs as normal in the presence of their offspring knows it’s right up there with alchemy on the impossibility scale. 

Using a private office at Metro Offices frees you of such concerns and lets you get back to work. Plus, you’re very likely to be more productive when you do. “Although so many offices have started creating open floor plans so everyone can communicate more easily, studies show being surrounded by people kills productivity,” therapist Amy Morin writes in a piece for “People perform better when they have a little privacy.”

But there’s no need to sit in a gigantic, vacant conference room by yourself. At our nine locations in and around the nation’s capital, members can choose the size of their lockable, frequently cleaned and sanitized offices depending on their needs. Just you? Choose something small and cozy. Have a team of employees? Pick a larger room (and of course, keep your masks on). You can choose from any of our nine Metro-accessible locations.

Benefit 2: Savor the sanitized solo space

When you work in your own office (where all surfaces are frequently, routinely cleaned and disinfected in keeping with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines) you can rest easy. You’re as safe as you are at home, novel-coronavirus-wise. 

What’s more, if you’re the sort of person whose immunity seems to be permanently on vacation when it comes to cold and flu viruses, you won’t have to fear others’ run-of-the-mill airborne pathogens, either. Shut your door and work away, germ-free. 

Benefit 3: ‘Me’ time

It’s difficult to get much-needed time to yourself when you’re working from home, even if you don’t have children. Spouses, significant others, roommates, parents — they’re all either working from home, too, or limited in their daily activities owing to remaining pandemic restrictions. That means you probably can’t remember the last time you were alone. 

If you use Metro Offices, your eight hours a day of ‘me’ time can include more than just your own private office (with lockable storage space). Our onsite fitness centers are open, and the maintenance staff at each of them maintains the same level of cleanliness as they (and we) do in our office spaces. Working out alone is likely to get you closer to your fitness goals, too. So get your AirPods in and your workout on — then shower and get back to work in your private office. 


Get your own private office in or near Washington, DC today! See Metro Offices’ available options here.

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