What We Do

Hire Standard effectively represents accomplished companies in their search for experienced talent. These clients hire us to recruit, vet, and refer well-matched candidates to the client for direct employment and/or temporary/contract projects. Our specialty is professional property management, both residential and commercial, from Property Managers to Property Accountants to Leasing Specialists. We represent companies and non-profits from the affordable/subsidized sector to luxury/Class A management companies and developers.

Most Challenging/Rewarding Project:

Our most challenging project is providing staff for a major developer responsible for changing the landscape of buildings in DC. Most personally rewarding is our ongoing contract providing experienced individuals who support subsidized housing initiatives for needy families.

What's Next for Hire Standard?

In July, Hire Standard will celebrate our 30th anniversary. We believe our clients will continue to prosper from our experience and commitment to their success. We hope you will join us for the celebration!

Why Metro Offices?

We realized we spent time on “administrivia” necessary to maintain our offices in DC, Bethesda, and Tysons Corner. We found a cost effective way to continue our market presence with a company able to remove that burden from us and simultaneously reflect our corporate standards with their location, options and the quality of their employees.



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