What to Bring to Your DC Shared Office Space

What to Bring to Your DC Shared Office Space

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, solopreneur or freelancer, it probably didn’t take you long to land on coworking as your most affordable, flexible, and convenient option for office space. You know it won’t be quite like the office set-up you left behind as an employee, but what will it be like? What will you need to provide for yourself and what can you reasonably expect to have waiting for you? We take a look at the top essentials you’ll want to be sure to bring along on your new adventure in coworking.


Unless you somehow manage to work a desk job in 2019 without the use of a computer, you will need to bring a personal laptop or tablet/laptop hybrid to your coworking space of choice. Computers generally are not provided at shared office spaces, and you likely already own one anyway. Besides, for privacy and security reasons, you probably wouldn’t want to make use of a shared computer for your new business. (Pro tip: Don’t forget your charger.)  


Awesome coworking spaces will offer you beverages as part of their membership packages (at Metro Offices, you get unlimited coffee, tea, and water), but you’ll want to bring your own food. For lunch, bring a sandwich to eat straight out of the bag or container, or pack food that needs refrigeration or microwaving. Most coworking spaces will have at least one microwave and fridge for members’ use. But remember to be sensitive of smells of certain foods.

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Workout gear

At Metro Offices, each of our nine DC and Washington-area locations boasts a state-of-the-art, professionally cleaned and maintained fitness facility. As a member, you get full access to it. Don’t be that person running on the treadmill in khakis and loafers, making everyone else uncomfortable; bring workout clothes and shoes to use. At our buildings’ gyms, there are plenty of showers for you to use afterward.


Sure, a certain amount of noise is good for the old creative juices, and it could even up your productivity. Wouldn’t you rather choose your own soundtrack than being stuck listening to other people’s phone conversations from morning to evening? Bring a set of earphones or headphones to plug into your phone or computer so you can play whatever it is that helps you work and take non-sensitive phone calls in your coworking space

Tired of working in your pajamas and not seeing other humans all day? Now that you’re a solopreneur and can work from anywhere, work at Metro OfficesBrowse our locations to find your perfect office space today.

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