How Referrals Spell Business Success

In today’s highly connected world, referrals play a larger, more potent role in building up a business toward success. The reason they’re effective is that they are often based on a strong degree of trust in you by one of your consumers or partners. This is then, in turn, transferred to you—leading to more fruitful… Continue Reading

A Helping Hand: The Value of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be at once the most fulfilling and frustrating endeavors anyone can pursue. With success and failure often separated by the thinnest of lines, it helps to get assistance from those more experienced and wiser. At Metro Offices, we believe that pairing a competent mentor with an environment conducive to person-to-person discussion and deeper… Continue Reading

The Importance of Client Appreciation

As a culture that centers itself on the fulfillment of certain goals, it’s easy to understand why people tend to respond positively to any praise or acknowledgement of their achievements. In the same manner, client appreciation events—big and small—provide a big boost to any business relationship that’s looking to grow stronger. Continue Reading

Google, Facebook and the New Paradigm of the Workspace

Our friend and colleague Carlos Gonçalves, ‎CEO at Avila Business Centers and Avila Coworking in Lisbon, Portugal wrote a very good blog post about work space trends. Companies such as Google and other multinationals are leading the way in questioning the need for the standard 40 hour work week and instead are adopting flexible work… Continue Reading

Why You Should Start Your Own Business or Invest in One Now

According to the Washington Business Journal, unemployment rates in December fell in 42 states, including Maryland and Virginia. Unemployment went down from 5% to 4.8% in November for Virginia, while Virginia saw a decrease from 5.6% to 5.5%. With this positive development, there are now more reasons to start a business or invest in one.… Continue Reading

4 Ways to Create a Business Image That Gets Noticed

It can be a challenge for a smaller business with an equally small budget to stand out from its competitors. Creating a powerful business image is key to success, and it’s easier than you might think – even on a budget. By making small adjustments to the way you operate, and the marketing techniques and… Continue Reading

The Value of Mobile Technology in Small Businesses

Many small businesses and start-up companies alike are rapidly adapting to and benefitting from continuous business and mobile technology developments. Today, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices are used not only for calling, texting, instant messaging, or e-mailing. They also have the power to help many start-up companies to expand and entrepreneurial activities to… Continue Reading

5 Common Mistakes Start-Up Companies Make

When you read about successful start-ups, it is becoming more common that they start out using shared or virtual office space especially in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. And you might think that luck is on their side. However, luck is helpful but not the reason start-ups succeed, and victory isn’t gained overnight. Start-up… Continue Reading

5 Standout Ideas for a Successful Business Year in 2015

Times are changing. As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we do business. New strategies to engage workers are emerging. Renting virtual office space in washington, dc is an increasingly popular option. The following are some factors that can make your business more successful this year: Continue Reading