Meeting Space

On-demand Washington DC Meeting Space: Hassle-free access to professional meeting rooms with multiple sizes and configurations!

Metro Offices provides fully-equipped meeting spaces in Washington DC and throughout the DC Metro Area to assist all businesses — large corporations, small companies, home-based businesses, government contractors and teleworkers. Select from nearly 50 rooms to serve as your DC meeting space or training center.

Our clients also have access to our Virtual Office clubs and 650 worldwide locations throughout our network. Now you can meet with clients and colleagues anytime, anywhere. Instead of renting costly hotel meeting rooms, you have access to a meeting space in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland to meet your budget and business needs.

Ready? Find a room on our chart, then call or complete the form to request your space. Click on the link of a meeting room name to view images of meeting rooms or day offices by center.


Room Name Room Type Capacity
Arlington / Ballston George Mason Training 30 $75 $550
George Washington Training 30 $75
Mason & Washington Training (combined) 60 $125 $800
James Madison Large Conference 10 $50 $250
Thomas Jefferson Medium Conference 6 $40 $225
Day Office Office 3 $30 $125
Herndon / Dulles The Collaborative Training 16 $65 $450
The Sunrise Large Conference 10 $45 $225
The Woodland Medium Conference 8 $35 $200
Day Office Office 2 $25 $125
Cooperative A, B, or C Adjacent Conference 58 $150 $800
Smith-Gill Auditorium Auditorium 78 $150 $800
The Greensboro Large Conference 12 $45 $225
The International Medium Conference 8 $35 $200
The Westpark Small Conference 4 $30 $175
Day Office Office 3 $25 $125
Tysons Training Facility Training 20 $65 $450
Reston The Dogwood Large Conference 12 $45 $225
The Vista Large Conference 10 $45 $225
The Cardinal Medium Conference 6 $35 $200
Shenandoah Training 20 $65 $450
Day Office Office 2 $25 $125
Fairfax Commonwealth Training 20 $65 $450
The Panoramic Large Conference 14 $45 $225
The Old Dominion Large Conference 9 $45 $225
Day Office Office 3 $25 $125
Farragut Concourse Training 40 $500
Farragut Training 24 $75 $550
The Filibuster Small Conference 4 $35 $200
The Executive Large Conference 10 $50 $250
The Judicial Medium Conference 8 $40 $225
The Legislative Large Conference 14 $50 $250
Day Office Office 3 $30 $125
Metro Center Buchanan Training 25 $75 $550
The Capitol Large Conference 10 $50 $250
The Washington Medium Conference 6 $40 $225
The Huddle Small Conference 4 $35 $200
Day Office Office 3 $30 $125
Connecticut Avenue Lincoln Training 18 $75 $550
The Dupont Large Conference 10 $50 $250
The Mayflower Medium Conference 8 $40 $225
The Potomac Medium Conference 6 $40 $225
Day Office Office 3 $30 $125
Chevy Chase The Wisconsin Large Conference 12 $50 $250
The Chesapeake Medium Conference 8 $40 $225
The Western Medium Conference 6 $40 $225
Day Office Office 3 $30 $125

The growing trend of teleworkers and home-based employees leaves many people seeking affordable meeting space in Washington DC. Meeting space that is fully-equipped and easily accessible means your business can promote a professional image and hold productive customer meetings and staff trainings.

Video Conferencing Solutions through a Convenient Washington DC Meeting Space

No matter what industry you are in, there are times when nothing can substitute for a face-to-face meeting in a professional setting. However, many companies find it cost-prohibitive to have an on-site meeting space. Sometimes team members and clients cannot be present for a meeting at the same location. Fortunately, Metro Offices provides an inexpensive way to hold remote meetings through video conferencing in our meeting space. Washington, DC companies can simulate the experience of face-to-face meetings with the help of cutting-edge technology and the technical support of Metro Offices.

Conduct meetings with clients and colleagues anywhere in the world from a convenient Metro Office meeting space in Washington DC. Meeting space by Metro Offices eliminates the need to invest in expensive technical equipment, while on-demand meeting space and access to video conference technology allows companies to plan last minute meetings with ease.

Metro Offices’ on-site team manages each aspect of the video conference and provides the necessary technical support to ensure the conference is hassle-free and productive within our well-equipped meeting space. Washington, DC companies have access to everything they need in high-tech conference rooms, allowing them to focus on delivering the meeting topic and promoting a professional image.

Set-up your DC meeting space reservation online and have access to a plethora of technology and services to help you hold productive meetings and trainings.

Equipment and Services Available through Your DC Meeting Space:

  • On-Line DC Meeting Space Reservations
  • Flip Charts
  • Web/Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Beverage and Catering Services
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Ergonomic Herman Miller Seating
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Polycom Speaker Phone
  • Wireless Internet
  • On-Site Administrative Support
  • LPR Projector
  • Attendee Registration Support
  • High Resolution Overhead Projector
  • Color copiers/printers/scanners
  • White Boards
  • Kitchen/Lounge, vending, coffee, spring water