3 Meeting Mistakes to Avoid for a Positive First Impression

3 Meeting Mistakes to Avoid for a Positive First Impression

According to studies, there are as many as 55 million meetings across the country per day, and more than half of them are unproductive. In fact, with $1.4 trillion spent per year during these meetings, up to $213 billion is lost due to ineffectiveness. Meetings may have a generally negative reputation among many employees and clients, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. As a manager, you need to be effective at conducting your meetings to make a good first impression and make it last.

Positive First Impression

Effective managers know how to communicate properly and purposefully in every meeting they lead. If you have trouble managing your meetings, we can help. Metro Offices, the leading provider of meeting rooms in Arlington, VA, points out these common mistakes to avoid:

  • Forgetting Names – Before going into a business meeting composed of new faces, study up on the names of those who will be in the meeting. You can find out who will be at the meeting, look them up online, and make a point to remember their names and faces in advance.
  • Being Unprepared – If another speaker invites you to take the lead at some point, you need to be ready. Understand your role in the meeting and the information you are responsible for sharing. As the top provider of meeting space in Arlington, VA, we suggest that you prepare to be called on by having a brief and to-the-point set of information for those in the meeting. And be ready for the questions that may follow.

If you need expert tips about handling efficient meetings, you can turn to Metro Offices. We provide high-class collaboration spaces, training facilities, and conference center in Arlington, VA, to help enhance your meeting experience.

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