3 Tips to Prevent Wasting Time During Meetings

3 Tips to Prevent Wasting Time During Meetings

Many employees find that meetings are a waste of time because they take up valuable time that could be spent far more productively. This is unfortunate because a well-run meeting can be effective in keeping everyone informed, engaged, and ready to contribute to the company’s success. Today, Metro Offices, the top choice for meeting rooms in our area, provides three key tip to reduce wasted time in meetings:

Wasted Time During Meetings

  • Hold Shorter Meetings With a Clear Agenda: Meetings do not have to take an hour to be effective. Running shorter meetings will allow you and your attendees to be more productive. To run shorter meetings, you need to have a clear agenda and circulate it ahead of time.
  • Provide Pre-Work: Provide pre-work to your attendees before they enter the meeting space. This will keep your attendees engaged. Run the meeting with the assumption that everyone has read the material you sent them; this will reduce the amount of time you  need to spend explaining things during the meeting. Providing people with a task also makes them feel like an active participant instead of a passive observer.
  • Stay on Track: Sticking to the agenda is important. You called the meeting for a specific purpose and you must run the meeting to fulfill that purpose. By preventing your meeting from going off track, you will be able to accomplish many more things in less time.

Follow these tips and your meetings will help you achieve your goals and keep your attendees engaged. In addition to these tips, the right kind of environment can make your meetings more effective. Our conference center has all the amenities you need to run an effective meeting of up to any size. We will provide you with enterprise-grade technology and full technical and administrative support you need to run a great meeting. We serve Arlington, VA, and many other areas. Call us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about tips to reduce wasted time in meetings.

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