3 Ways Our Collaboration Spaces Can Help Drive Innovation

3 Ways Our Collaboration Spaces Can Help Drive Innovation

Our collaborative spaces can help drive innovation in your company. Traditionally, companies designed their workspaces for individuals rather than teams. On the other hand, we purposefully designed our office solutions to foster creativity and encourage teamwork. Here is how our collaborative workspaces can drive your company’s innovation:

Team Collaboration

Our Workspaces are Flexible and Inspiring
Workspaces that are flexible, inspiring, and that reflects your company’s culture and brand will help drive innovation. Our collaboration spaces in Dulles, VA, features mobile and reconfigurable furnishings that help promote spontaneity. Since they are located in class-A buildings throughout the DC Metropolitan area, they also feature fantastic views. We can work with you to customize your meeting space so it will better represent your company values.

Our Workspaces Can Accommodate Different Team Sizes
Teams of two to eight people produce the best collaborative work. By dividing your employees along these lines, you can maximize their creativity and give them enough freedom to work. We designed our collaboration and meeting spaces with flexible configurations. No matter how large or how small your teams are, we can accommodate them. In addition, we provide high-speed Internet, flat screen monitors, and full audio/video equipment. Your team will have all the tools they need.

Our Workspaces are an Open and Shared Space
Bringing different areas of expertise together helps foster creativity and innovative dialogue. For instance, Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory had an open and shared space. Specialists who worked in a machine shop can talk to specialists in chemistry and freely share ideas. You can utilize this technique using our meeting space in Dulles, Virginia. It is perfect for training and team meetings because it is fully equipped and comes with a personal meeting room concierge to support you.

The right kind of collaborative workspace will improve your employee’s productivity and creativity while encouraging innovation. Metro Offices has provided productivity enhancing office spaces to our clients for over 25 years. We offer a variety of office solutions fit for any kind of business. In addition, we can provide administrative and technological support for your business. Give us a call to learn more about collaborative spaces or to learn more about our services.

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