3 Ways to Be a Top Telecommuter

3 Ways to Be a Top Telecommuter

Being in an office space in Washington DC has many productivity benefits. However, telecommuting or working remotely has proven to be a good alternative. As you know, people have various reasons for working off-site, but with proper goal setting, determination, and discipline, their work doesn’t suffer as a result. That’s the beauty of telecommuting.

If you want to stay on top of your game, here are three ways to be a good telecommuter:

Be Flexible

Nowadays, flexible schedules and work styles are among the top reasons for working from home. People want a real work-life balance, and telecommuting is one of the best ways to achieve it. You need to learn how to stay focused during the day to accomplish work-related tasks but allow wiggle room for certain emergencies. Life interruptions, when handled well, can actually be healthy and fulfilling. It’s all about perspective. Be versatile enough to adapt to changes, but at the same time be firm with staying on task.

Create Routines

To be an effective telecommuter, you need to know what works best for you, and then slowly develop a routine. Some people work best at night, while others tend to function better during the day. As you establish your daily routine, prepare some basic work necessities, such as a reliable Internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer, a phone, a voice mail setup, and other work essentials. Getting your work materials ready beforehand will help you better incorporate them in your lifestyle.

Manage Distractions

One common downside of telecommuting is the presence of numerous distractions. It could be your neighbor, your kid, or even your lack of discipline. When managing external distractions, be sure to make it clear to your family and friends that work hours are off limits for everything but emergency situations. As for your internal disturbances, you need to learn how to have an undivided attention for work. Focus on urgent matters first and work on the less-pressing ones later on.

Once you master the art of telecommuting, you won’t look at work-life balance the same way again. Metro Offices can help you achieve your dream work-life balance through our Washington, DC office space solutions. The flexibility of our virtual offices and the efficiency of our meeting rooms are perfect for your occasional workspace needs. They are ideal for start-ups, solopreneurs, and enterprises that need to establish their presence in DC.

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