4 Great Tips on Keeping Your Virtual Office Motivated

4 Great Tips on Keeping Your Virtual Office Motivated

As a team leader, one of your greatest responsibilities is to manage and motivate  your staff in ways that help them meet deadlines and efficiency levels. Technology has expanded in such a way that it is very common to have a partial or complete team that works remotely.

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Usually, these people are quite self-sufficient and can work autonomously. Nevertheless, they still require motivation to perform well just as their office counterparts. Let Metro Offices, your trusted source for virtual office in Arlington, VA,  show you how to get this done with these tips:

1. Be Readily Available

Working virtually can be isolating enough, so do not make team members feel that you are always out of reach. Maintain regular contact with them to talk not just about their daily duties, but also about their day, mood and social life.

Our virtual office in Washington, DC comes with phenomenal workspaces, member lounges, and community cafes to help ease this feeling of isolation. Your team will also receive professional support from our dedicated team to help them achieve their tasks.

2. Recognize and Respect

In most cases, virtual teams lack the personal touch that most people need when working with others. When communicating with them, be clear, calm, and understanding, . Treat them as if they were in the same room as you, as well. This sense of personal attention can help you and the entire team feel more comfortable with one another.

3. Be as Reasonable and Realistic as Possible

When you are not there to oversee their work personally, it can be hard to fully understand just how much everyone has on their plate. That is why when you assign tasks and divvy up workloads, you should remember to set realistic milestones and deadlines. This shows your virtual team that you can empathize with their work capacities.

4. Spend Time Together as a Team

Virtual team buildings are fun, but it cannot compare to an actual gathering. Pick a date that will be most convenient for everyone to come around and connect in a fun atmosphere. Work should not have to be about yielding results all the time.

Let the top provider of virtual office in Reston, VA, work with you today to get the best from your remote teams. We also offer related workspace solutions, such as team spaces, flex desk, and hoteling services for their convenience.

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