4 Important Things That Make Your Meetings Truly Productive

4 Important Things That Make Your Meetings Truly Productive

Admit it. Most of us have sat through at least one of those meetings where the talking seems endless and nothing is being accomplished. What a waste of precious time, right?

Whether you’re a start-up or a large business with an upscale Tysons Corner office space, it’s costly to have workflows interrupted by unproductive meetings. Here are a few tips to make your team meetings more productive:

1. A Well-Thought-Out Agenda

Nothing is worse than what Entrepreneur magazine refers to as a “Monday meeting,” held for no reason other than it is a Monday. People attending need to know why they’re there, what to expect, and what they’re supposed to accomplish during the meeting. Hand out printed copies of the meeting’s objectives or have them shown on a screen to help the discussion.

2. A Prompt Meeting

Not every meeting has to be an hour long, especially if it’s an ad hoc or impromptu meeting. As long as you stick to the set agenda, you can go into a meeting ready to make a decision and wrap up in less than 30 minutes.

3. A Trimmed-Down Invite List

Cutting down the list of people involved in a meeting could significantly speed up decision making. The fewer the people, the more flexibility can be allowed for scheduling. Small sessions focused on specific goals can also make discussions more effective.

4. The Right Meeting Space

For a meeting to be truly productive, there needs to be as few distractions and interruptions as possible. Pick a room that is sealed from outside noises and avoids visual distractions like unnecessary trinkets on the table.

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