4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Washington Virtual Office

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Washington Virtual Office

You’ve arrived at the point at which you realize a Washington Virtual Office or DC Meeting Space is what you need to promote a professional image and work more productively. An online search reveals several Washington DC executive offices and facilities for you to consider, so how can you choose the office space provider to best meet your unique business needs?

Consider these four questions to ask when choosing a Washington Virtual Office:


#1 Is there an office location available that is convenient for my business purposes and near to my home?

Part of the beauty of working remotely is that you can avoid long commutes to the office, so the last thing you want is to have to travel a distance to your DC virtual office. Seek out executive offices nearer to your part of the DC Metro, so you can hop on the Metro or Metrobus or even walk to be at your office in no time, without having to deal with expensive parking garages or hard-to-find street parking.


#2 What business support services does the Washington virtual office offer?


To make the most of your DC telework experience, it is important to have excellent support services to streamline projects and promote professionalism to current and potential clients. When comparing and contrasting different DC virtual office providers, check to see if they have services such as:

Phone answering

Administrative support

Mail service

Virtual receptionist

Private guest office usage

Wireless Internet

Videoconference, webinar and phone conference services

Business address to use for business cards, mail, website, etc.

#3 What type of workers does the office provider employ? What training do the employees receive and what is the average employee tenure?


It doesn’t matter how excellent the office space facility is if you can’t count on the support staff, so it is important to ask questions about the type of workers the office provider employs. Ask what trainings the receptionists and administrative support team members have received. Inquire about the employee qualifications and the turn-over rate for employees. These employees can significantly impact your business, so it is vital that you are able to have confidence in their abilities and level of professionalism.

#4 What are the office space provider’s current and former clients saying about them?


The best way to learn what is really going on with a DC office provider is to find out what the clients are saying. If you do not know any current or past clients of the business, ask the office provider if they can supply you with references. By contacting these clients, you can get the true story about the pros and cons of the virtual office provider. On the other hand, if the business is hesitant to connect you with current or former clients, this may be a red flag and a reason for you to look elsewhere to find the right Washington virtual office you can trust with your business.

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