5 Standout Ideas for a Successful Business Year in 2015

5 Standout Ideas for a Successful Business Year in 2015

Times are changing. As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we do business. New strategies to engage workers are emerging. Renting virtual office space in washington, dc is an increasingly popular option. The following are some factors that can make your business more successful this year:

Rise of Category- or Industry-Based Businesses

It pays if your business is industry-specific. As Ian Altman writes in Forbes, customers these days want to deal with subject-matter experts, not old-school sellers. They want to hire people who can diagnose their situation and recommend fitting solutions. Basically, it’s not so much about what you sell. It matters more how well you know what you’re selling.

Emergence of Value-Oriented Customers

Advancements in technology are helping customers make wiser purchasing decisions. It isn’t just about the price nowadays. With information just one click away, it’s easier for a would-be client to check your services online and make decisions based on what they find.

Higher-quality services are likely to get you more positive reviews online, which is good for your business. The focus should be on results, not price. Consumers should go for your solutions because they give the best value for their money, not because they’re free or inexpensive.

Importance of Content Marketing Strategies

Even among business-to-business firms, the focus on value is becoming more pronounced. According to the Content Marketing Institute, many business-to-business firms are planning to increase content marketing budgets and content volume this year.

The goal is to create more valuable content, not just more views or clicks. This is another way of attracting the best customers for your business. By aligning your sales and marketing strategies, you’re likely to avoid customers who have no need of your services.

The Future of Work-Life Balance

According to Shelley Dutton of SAP, 70% of employees in the country don’t find themselves fully engaged or personally invested in their jobs. They’re struggling to balance work, family, and personal growth. This imbalance can have a negative effect on their work productivity.

Don’t run employees into the ground. Look for new ways to motivate and engage your workforce. Focus on giving employees a chance to put their talents and interests to good use, not just on getting a task done.

Additionally, a collaborative study by the Energy Project and Harvard Business Review in 2014 revealed that paying attention to your workers’ physical well-being and making them feel valued for their contributions can also help you bridge the work-life disconnect.

The Birth of Nontraditional Workspaces

It’s not only in the way we do business that we’ve seen shifts. Where we do it has also undergone some interesting changes. Because of smart devices and cloud technology, many people are now finding it easier to work on their own terms. This modern setup allows for more flexibility and autonomy. It’s no longer uncommon to meet so-called telecommuters and on-the-go entrepreneurs.

Some of these modern entrepreneurs choose to work from home, while others prefer coffee shops. Still others find themselves renting virtual office services, shared office space, co-working spaces, hotdesking and private offices in their area. It’s a versatile setup for unconventional work styles and business needs that cover a wide range of needs. It’s a cost-effective way to conduct your business. You can rent a virtual workspace and other office amenities at a fraction of the cost of a lease for a private office.

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