5 Tips on Staying Focused & Increasing Productivity at Work

5 Tips on Staying Focused & Increasing Productivity at Work

Many workers nowadays are adept at multitasking. However, multi-tasking can lead to a loss of focus is not done properly.

5 Tips on Staying Focused & Increasing Productivity at Work | Metro Offices

As your go-to experts for office rental space in Tysons, VA and the entire Metro DC area, Metro Offices shares their experience on how to maintain focus and productivity at work.

1. Train your mind to follow a certain pattern. According to Entrepreneur.com, one has to train his or her mind like a muscle. You need to drop certain things you learned when multitasking. If you want to produce quality work at a specific period, you have to focus. To focus better, it helps to enforce certain habits, such as turning off distractions and committing to one task at a time.

2. Use a task-management tool or app. There are many time-management tools or applications ready for downloading these days. The good news is that most of them are free! If you are serious and really want to get things done right away, pick one tool that matches your needs. This will help you prioritize tasks and monitor your progress.

3. Practice the “Pomodoro Technique”. Another smart way to get more things done without sacrificing quality is to use the Pomodoro Technique. This method encourages people to itemize the work they need to do into 25-minute uninterrupted blocks. After every 25 minutes, take 3-4 minute break and a 15-20 minute break for every fourth break. This will help you recharge constantly.

4. Set a deadline and stick to it no matter what. One of the most effective ways to get something done is to write it down and start working on it. Some people find it more efficient to start with the easier tasks first while others begin with the harder ones to ensure a smoother flow later on. The key is to use the pattern that works best for you and see it through.

5. Relax while building connections. Metro Offices offers the perfect way to boost your productivity, and that is through our community cafes in Tysons, VA and at all our 10 Metro DC locations. Our cafes and member lounges let you enjoy a hot cup of coffee while mingling with other professionals. Wouldn’t it be great to exchange ideas and catch up on the latest news while taking a break? We can help you with that.

Metro Offices will take care of your workspace needs and provide a way to increase your productivity. Here, we offer private offices, team spaces, Flexdesk, coworking, hoteling, and other solutions that can fit your unique working style.

To learn more about our services, call us today at (703) 871-5208. We will be ready to assist you.

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