5 Ways Metro Offices Can Make Your Business More Professional

5 Ways Metro Offices Can Make Your Business More Professional

Whether you’re starting a new business or have an established operation, chances are the way you present it to customers or potential customers is something you think about quite a lot. After all, nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a questionable company, in an out-of-the-way location with rude, unhelpful — or, perhaps worst of all — nonexistent customer service.

However, equipping a business with polished staff and chicly furnished offices in a sought-after part of town doesn’t come cheap. So how is an organization to exude professionalism without breaking the bank? Two words: Metro Offices. Below we give the top five ways using our services can make your business more professional –affordably.

Friendly, professional staff

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and conscientious team members are the face of Metro Offices for a reason. Have a client or prospect coming in for a meeting? The trained receptionists at any of our DC or DC-area locations will meet them with a smile and direct them to where they need to go. Have an IT-related problem? Our award-winning tech team will provide you with on-call network and computer support no matter which of our locations you’re in.

Flexible options

Particularly if you’re just starting out as a business owner, you may not know what kind of office space you’ll need a year or two down the road. And you won’t necessarily want — or be able — to shell out for a costly, multi-year lease, at least not yet. Enter Metro Offices. With flexible monthly memberships starting at just a hundred dollars a month, you’ll get mail services and a business address, as well as daily access to one of our nine locations in or around the District.

Virtual support

Perhaps you have the kind of business that doesn’t necessitate a physical location, but you still want the professionalism of a live person trained in customer service answering your calls. Our virtual-office-receptionist option ensures that your business line never goes to voicemail during business hours — and it does it for a fraction of the cost of a full-time, on-site receptionist.

Fully appointed spaces

At each of our nine spots throughout the DC Metro area, you’ll get much more than a chair and a spot to park your laptop. With everything from large, window-filled conference rooms, to cozy huddle rooms for team brainstorms, to cafe-style nooks complete with wet bar and high-top seating, Metro Offices has the space you need to get things done. Add to that dependable, secure, high-speed WiFi, ubiquitous coffee, tea, and water dispensers, a quiet, clean atmosphere and state-of-the-art onsite gyms, and your work may practically do itself.

Prime locations

Getting nervous about DC parking? All of our District locations are within even-lousy-weather-walking distance from a Metro stop, so there’s no need. And when it comes to finding a good meal for yourself at lunch or locating nearby entertainment for an evening out with an in-town client, options abound. Each weekday mere yards from our Metro Center building, numerous food trucks — offering everything from crepes to shawarma — line up, waiting for diners to sample their goods. And as far as nightlife goes, our Dupont location is just a quick walk from bars and restaurants to match any mood and budget, from the laid-back and budget-friendly to the posh and more extravagant.

In the market for office space? Click here to compare what it costs to run your own office with Metro Offices.

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