8 Ways to Create a Productive Workspace

8 Ways to Create a Productive Workspace

Workspace affects how employees feel, think, and interact. If people are satisfied in their environment, your start-up will experience faster growth. To make sure you have a productive office space in Washington, DC, here are eight tips from Metro Offices:

Productive Workspace

1. Think beyond layout and furniture choice. Small investments like lighting and décor can enhance creativity.

2. Make sure your office has a comfortable temperature. An excessively cold or hot environment is not conducive to any employee.

3. Your office should have access to natural lighting. You should also consider which employee needs more lighting. For example, a staff who focuses on sheets needs more lighting compared with a manager who is always away on meetings.

4. An open-space plan promotes collaboration between peers. Set up a common area for lunches or snacks and opt for lower panels between stations. Make sure you also allot private spaces for meetings or conferences.

5. An employee’s role can determine the type of space he needs. For example, managers might need an area inside an office space for rent in Washington, DC, to handle team meetings. Graphic or visual artists, on the other hand, might need larger screens or stations for creativity.

6. Make sure you have all the technology necessary for your business. This includes Wi-Fi or Internet access, chat networks, and communications platform.

7. Small details like desk height, type of office chair, and keyboards matter. Check if employees are comfortable in their workstations and are able to use their equipment properly.

8. Make sure all files are accessible for employees who need them. You should also have the right tools for video conferencing or collaborative meetings.

If you need an office space for lease in Washington, DC, that promotes productivity, Metro Offices can help. We have different workspace solutions fit for any style. We have private and team spaces as well as community lounges. Our offices are also equipped with the latest technology including cloud computing and data center services.

Call us today at (703) 871-5208 to learn more productivity tips from the pros. You can also reach us by filling out our contact form.

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