9 Office Design Ideas to Boost Productivity

9 Office Design Ideas to Boost Productivity

After a merger boom in the 80s and 90s, cubicles became a staple within corporations as a way to conserve space. Although many people believed cubicles would promote efficiency and privacy, several studies reveal their negative impact on productivity levels and well-being. 

The modular panels create cramped and isolated workstations that lack privacy. As a result, many interior designers have focused on designing modern office spaces tailored to employees’ needs and health. 

Your office design significantly influences motivation, mood, and concentration. While a clean workspace is an excellent start, a healthy work environment goes beyond tidiness. Design elements like color palettes, plants, and natural light can make a difference in your staff’s performance. Take this opportunity to learn about the latest office design strategies that are making a splash in the corporate and small business industries. 

Office Design Tips

If you’re ready to revamp your office space, here are nine design tips to promote collaboration, mental and physical health, and productivity. 

Consider Your Layout

Establish a natural flow and welcoming atmosphere in your office space with an open layout. Rather than placing the furniture too close together or blocking window views, an open layout removes the clutter and incentivizes workers to move around more. It also inspires flexibility and collaboration within your team.

Create Opportunities for Movement

Forget the outdated image of employees sitting behind their computers all day. Exercise is a popular office trend, with many companies adopting under-the-desk treadmills, exercise balls, and on-site gyms. Studies show that daily movement boosts focus and energy while clearing the mind. In addition, standing desks are an ergonomic solution to reduce back pain and improve work performance. Incorporating one (or several) of these features is a great way to prioritize your staff’s physical health. 

Be Intentional with Your Colors

Contemporary design includes various color palettes based on the psychology that colors can influence mood and feelings. For instance, blue stimulates the mind and helps with focus, and yellow elicits feelings of joy and high spirits. Green inspires balance and calmness, while orange revitalizes energy levels. If you want to go beyond the minimalist white aesthetic, consider selecting a color palette for your office space that brings out the best in your workers.

Bring in Natural Elements

Natural light and fresh air can transform your office space. Some benefits of natural light include enhanced mood, increased Vitamin D, and a boost in inspiration. For some of these reasons, contemporary workspaces feature transparent walls and several windows. In addition, fresh air also helps with concentration. You can add wood paneling, stone accents, and water features to compliment these natural elements for a serene touch. 

Incorporate Plants

Office greenery is great for breathing life into your work environment. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but they lower stress levels and improve air quality. By filtering the pollutants in the air, plants also contribute to employee wellness. If gardening isn’t your specialty, opt for easy-maintenance plants, like snake plants, ZZ plants, and pothos. Creating a natural extension of the outdoors, your plants will immediately brighten up your office design.     

Add Modern Integrations in Furniture

Modern furniture seamlessly blends into the workspace with the assistance of integrations, like desks with built-in outlets and Qi wireless chargers. Some surfaces also channel cords for a cleaner, clutter-free desk. Other examples of modern integrations include standing desks, which pair well with daily movement, and ergonomic office chairs. So if you want to help your team focus on their zone of genius, consider adding modern furniture to your office. 

Create Multi-Purpose Spaces

Gone are the days of stuffy cubicles. Today, there’s a greater push for multi-purpose offices, like areas to focus on projects, collaborate with your team, conduct meetings, and unwind after a busy week. Metro Offices’ shared workspaces are an excellent example, offering diverse multi-functional designs created to optimize your operations. From private offices to vast workspaces, our amenities include a dedicated work environment, 24/7 building availability, gym membership, and access to over 60 meeting rooms.    

Include Lounge Areas

Lounge areas bring a relaxing addition to your office design. They allow your team to take breaks from the screen, decompress, and avoid burnout. Lounge spaces also enable your staff to connect. Since comfort contributes to creativity, you can include home accents, such as cushy seats, throw pillows, coffee tables, and artwork, for a welcoming ambiance. You can even incorporate your office’s color palette to create a cohesive theme throughout the space.

Designate Office Zones

Although multi-purpose spaces promote functionality, clear boundaries are necessary for your office. For instance, the lounge area shouldn’t be next to the focus station. Otherwise, you end up with distractions, like ping-pong balls bouncing off your desk while working on a project. Instead, consider dividing your space into these three core stations: private work, collaborative work, and lounge. Designated office zones will establish an efficient workflow because there is a clear expectation of what to do and where to do it.    

Encourage Office Productivity Beyond the Design

When it comes to productivity, modern designs are only the beginning of enhancing your work environment. Besides a new color palette, natural light, and an open floor plan, consider implementing practices that cultivate a healthier business culture, like flexible schedules, remote/hybrid work, and team-building activities to increase employee engagement. Maintaining a strong and efficient team begins when you focus on your employees’ needs.  

Start prioritizing your office design today by reviewing our diverse catalog of private offices, shared workspaces, and meeting rooms in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Then, reserve a workspace today!

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