A Virtual Office in DC: Is This the New Wave of Office Workspace?

A Virtual Office in DC: Is This the New Wave of Office Workspace?

If you’re like some business owners who believe that your workers could be just as productive working from home following their own natural rhythms of productivity, then the advantages of the virtual office may just be the thing for you. No need to have them drive to work every day and spending the whole day in front of the computer. Indeed, communications technology has advanced so that conventional office routine seems to be transitioning to something like the efficient virtual office in D.C.


What is a Virtual Office?

The virtual office is a workspace innovation that just might be the norm as the Millennial generation takes over the world’s workforce. A virtual office is equipped with telecommunication links for your own use, but workspace is “on-demand”. Operations is basically through telecommunications channels, such as the Internet and smartphones, along with other support services that you can avail of while you conduct your business with your contractors or clients.

Convenience Benefits

The most desirable benefit of this new wave of office environment is the convenience of working from a first-class office, while your contractors or employees can work from the convenience of their home, or wherever they may be at any given moment. The only requirement is a computer with the technology to link up with others from almost any point on the globe. Cost-wise, this means some expenditure on communications and technology, but otherwise significant savings on office rental and maintenance for you—and savings on commuting expenses for your employees.

Overall Cost

According to eHow.com, working through a virtual office essentially covers this cost-related benefits:

Because a virtual office requires no physical space, it is cheaper than a traditional office due to the lack of overhead. Communications bills may be equal or higher for the virtual company. However, gone are the costs of renting or buying a building, maintaining it and providing furniture and services for onsite employees and customers.

Hiring Human Resources

When you have comfortably settled in a viable D.C. virtual office such as those available at Metro Offices across the DC area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia, you can afford to hire workers, regardless of their location. You can get a web designer in Germany or a business consultant in Myanmar.

By many indications, the virtual office is creating the wave in workspace future as the Internet and high-tech generation comes to power. Technology is a wonder that makes high-speed communications—and the virtual office—increasingly possible to support business.

(Article information and Image from The Advantages of Virtual Offices, eHow)


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