Are You Burned Out?

Are You Burned Out?

Everyone experiences burn out at some point. Whether you’re giving too much at work and home, not sleeping enough, not eating well, and not saying “no” enough, you give your body and mind no other choice but to literally shut down and refuse to proceed further until you give yourself the rest and attention you deserve.

Burnout: Multiple, chronic stressors over an extended period of time that will leave you totally drained and no longer performing at your best. (source)

Let’s not let it get to that point. Here are the signs you need to look for when it comes to burnout:

  • Exhaustion (can be emotional, physical and mental)
  • Lack of motivation
  • Frustration and other negative emotions concerning everything in your life
  • Lack of concentration (you can’t solve problems/make decisions/are forgetful)
  • Decrease in job performance
  • Increase in conflicts with work colleagues and family
  • Decrease in health (eating poorly, drinking too much, not getting enough sleep)
  • Stressing about work while not at work
  • Decrease in satisfaction of life in general
  • Health problems (due to chronic stress)

So, what do you do if you are experiencing the above stressors? First, schedule relaxation time into your schedule and take it seriously! This can be in the form of meditation, taking a walk, coffee with friends, or reading a book in the park. It’s also important that you develop a life outside of work – like a hobby or fitness routine. Find something that you are interested in that cultivates the artist in you so you can unleash your creativity. Start exercising, and get enough sleep. Eat more vegetables. It’s important to be proactive when it comes to burnout, because the consequences your body suffers can sometimes take months to recover from.

What other suggestions do you have for reducing stressors? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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