The Right Combination of Services for Contractors in DC

The Right Combination of Services for Contractors in DC

Government contractors DC exist in a complex work environment, and Blended Workforce Solutions provide a way for them to streamline work projects and stay productive in an ever-transitioning industry. While the business of government contracting can be susceptible to government financial changes and political issues, the workers must continue to perform well and stay on-task. Having the right solutions on hand allows contractors to exceed business goals, increasing performance and winning new contracts.

When it is time to get down to business, government contractors require location flexibility as well as the ability to access essential information anytime, anywhere. Blended Workforce Solutions meets these goals and more through three practical services:

1)      On-demand Executive Offices, including Washington virtual office space, and training rooms

2)      Telework Solutions

3)      FlexDesk Office Solutions—a combination of telework and flexible space requirements.

Currently, more government contractors than ever before are being given the green light to telework. This is good news; however, many workers are finding it difficult to perform optimally because they are not armed with the necessary technology and work spaces to do their jobs remotely. Blended Workforce Solutions was designed especially for government contractors who need the right tools and a solid plan in place to meet their business objectives.

On-Demand Executive Offices


Executive office space is available throughout the Metro DC area so government contractors can select a location that is most convenient for their businesses. On-demand access means workers can reserve only the space they need when they need it. With on-demand executive offices, government contractors save money because they do not have to lease an office or hire support staff. These executive offices come with administrative staff and receptionist support to use when they need it most.

Telework Solutions


Telework Solutions provide the technology platform necessary for government contractors to work anywhere they have Internet access. An innovative VoIP platform allows workers to access essential information and accomplish work tasks, whether they are at home, at a coffee shop or in a telework office center.

FlexDesk Office Solutions

Government contractors who require not only remote access to information but also access to physical workplaces can utilize FlexDesk Office Solutions. With FlexDesk, workers receive both Telework Solutions and access to workspaces including Executive Offices, virtual office space, and Washington DC meeting rooms. Government contractors can customize the solutions to meet their unique needs. There is an option of access to offices, virtual clubs or lounges for 40 hours per month, or the choice of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access for round-the-clock convenience.

With these three pieces in place, government contractors DC have at their fingertips everything they need to meet and exceed business goals. Professional meeting rooms help to promote a professional image, while affordable solutions help contractors to meet budget requirements.

Blended Workforce Solutions serve as a practical option for government contractor companies closing their offices due to recent budget cuts. There is no need for a separate office purchase or lease when telework solutions and access to flexible office space cover the bases.

Each component of the Blended Workforce model works together to provide government contractors with the ideal alternative to a traditional office environment. As flexibility and productivity increase, government contractors who use Blended Workforce are experiencing business growth even during uncertain economic times.

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