Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with Great Work Solutions

Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with Great Work Solutions

Businesses that wish to keep their productivity levels high will do well to maintain overall satisfaction within the company. In an article published on Financial Buzz, the direct relationship between lowered morale and reduced results was discussed. As quoted:

“According to The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, who, have been polling over 1,000 American adults from all walks of life since 2008, found that state employee satisfaction has a direct correlation to work productivity. The lower the satisfaction, the lower the productivity and when an employee no longer cares about their work and their employer or management, expect to see declines in attendance, production and quality of work. Dr. Jim Harter PhD from Gallup estimates that the US loses a whopping $300 billion each year in lost productivity.”

A comfortable workplace is a need of every company and gives the staff a reason to come to work every day. When everybody is happy about the state of their cubicles, the view from their windows, or the tools they have for work, they will be more apt to work for positive returns.

The Federal City – as one of the premier business metros in the country – offers a lot by providing top-tier working environments. Metro Offices provides everything from executive suites in Washington DC and the surrounding areas to shared office spaces, which will equip big and small businesses with a workplace designed for optimal advantages.

Entrepreneurs and their staff can look forward to a wide suite of solutions for streamlining business tasks, as well as innovative technology to boost speed and accuracy of operations. Expert technical support is also on-hand, in case they encounter issues.

On top of that, Metro Office has the distinction of being among the 100 Best-Run companies in the country. Clients are therefore assured of getting not only an innovative office space in DC and the surrounding areas, but also sound advice that will enable them to build a better business culture, and promote professional growth.

(Article sourced from Satisfaction, Wellness and its Effect on Productivity in the Workplace, Financial Buzz, April 18, 2014)

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