Business boost: Outsource tasks; Maximize time

Business boost: Outsource tasks; Maximize time

Have you ever tried calculating the time you spend versus the output you produce in the office? You may be surprised to find out that you are not being productive in areas that are deemed essential in the development of your business. There maybe is a need for you to sort out your priorities and assess the less-important tasks that tend to consume a lot of your time. Tasks such as printing, scanning and even writing emails can take a big chunk of the time when you could have directed your attention to other more important matters.

In doing emails, for example, shares this tip:

Save time on emails with the power of email templates or shortcuts.

You shouldn’t be wasting your precious time writing or copying and pasting the same framework of a message over and over. You can make templates as personal and particular as you’d like. If you’re spending precious time on an amazing email, why not save it for future use with the click of a button? And just because it’s pre-made doesn’t mean you can’t add to it. Throw in that inside joke or personal detail. Add as much as you want to the template you already made.

If you want to be more efficient though, you can hire someone to take care of this particular chore. Know that in a highly competitive business community of Washington DC, time is of the essence. For your small business to thrive, you are expected to cope up. You need to settle in an office space in DC that offers you the facilities to you need to be able to manage your time well.

If you need assistance on this regard, we at Metro Offices offers corporate-related services aimed at helping you focus on what you do best – developing your business. Besides our fully-functional office space DC, we can also provide you with a range of Business Support Services such as database management, newsletters, color printing, notary services, scanning and web and email hosting. By getting all these resources, you can make the most out of every company spending. Outsourcing the time-consuming tasks to us makes good business sense.

(Article Excerpt from 3 ways to use email more efficiently to close deals, Washington Business Journal, June 6, 2014)


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