BYOD: Helping Your Mobile Workforce Succeed

BYOD: Helping Your Mobile Workforce Succeed

BYOD (bring your own device) is a term you’ll hear in a modern office setup. It’s an arrangement where you’re allowed to use your personal gadgets, such as laptops and tablets, for work and connect to the company’s network. It’s a common occurrence in today’s mobile workforce.

According to a study done by Forrester Research in 2013, the mobile workforce has increased globally from 23% in 2011 to 29% in 2012. If you’re using this strategy for your business, it’s important to have the right tools and resources to support your workforce. Otherwise, it may not be as efficient as it could be.

Here are some ways you can support your mobile workforce:


For your staff to work efficiently, your network should be able to handle numerous devices to allow your employees to use media- and data-rich applications easily.

This is particularly important if you’re working with a blended workforce and you occasionally need everyone to be in your rental office in Washington DC for a company meeting or to finish a project. You won’t have to worry about your network slowing down because it can’t accommodate the number of devices connected to it.

Remote Network Access

Cloud computing is an essential part of a mobile workforce. If your staff can’t access company data remotely, it’ll take them longer to finish their work. With remote network access, your staff will be able to update files, work on various documents, and sync changes easily wherever they are.

IT Support

One of the concerns of business owners when enabling a mobile workforce is IT support. What happens when an employee has problems accessing files from home or can’t get a program to start while connected on the office network?

When you have a mobile workforce, you need to make sure that you also have a standby IT support service. This is one of the reasons why businesses use rental office space in Washington DC from trusted providers, like us. With our help desk service, your company enjoys IT support on demand. You’ll receive assistance via phone and online chat. We also provide consulting services and on-site repair to reduce your business downtime.

A mobile workforce can be an asset to your company. Help your employees thrive by providing them with resources to make working more convenient for them.

To learn more about mobile workforce and office space solutions that are right for your business, consult Metro Offices. With nine locations across the Metro DC area and a team of competent professionals, we can help you manage your business. Call us today at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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