Choosing the Ideal Washington DC Virtual Office for Your Business

Choosing the Ideal Washington DC Virtual Office for Your Business

The practicality of virtual offices has made these facilities preferable in certain respects over brick-and-mortar offices, particularly for small and startup businesses. Location, however, remains an important factor when it comes to the selection of a virtual office. In an article for, Betty Wang gives some pointers on choosing the right virtual office location:

Make sure you find a spot that is not only convenient for you, but for your clients as well, if you’re planning to hold meetings there. Think about the demographics that you cater to and keep that in mind when checking out prospective locations. Is the area safe? Is the building ADA compliant? Also, is it located in a special “business improvement district” that may require you to pay extra fees, just for the privilege of using that address?


In short, your virtual office should be accessible. A virtual office, after all, not only provides you with a professional business address, but also serves as a venue for face-to-face interactions with clients and/or colleagues as well. As such, you’ll want the kind of prestigious Washington, DC virtual office address that conveys professionalism, and implies trustworthiness and reliability. It is also crucial to choose a virtual office that will make the “right statement” about your company.

At the core if it all, you are still running a business, and you’ll want your office to make a good first impression if you’re going to meet clients at your virtual office space. Does the building and overall neighborhood make the right statement that aligns with your business’ mission? Put yourself into the shoes of one of your customers and ask what your virtual office location says about you.

A Washington, DC virtual office space run by reputable providers like Metro Offices is typically located in a prestigious business district and housed in a building with the necessary amenities to help make a good first impression. In addition, the ideal virtual office has the type of interior design that communicates professionalism and promotes convenience.

These days, most reliable office space providers offer packages that include services like the use of Wi-Fi, mail collection and processing, and phone call handling. Some of these services come free of charge, or as part of a service package; others may be available for an added fee. Be sure to know what services go with your virtual office membership or lease before you sign on any contract.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Virtual Office Location, RISMedia)


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