Competitive edge: office space & a business website

Competitive edge: office space & a business website

The World Wide Web has provided an easy and accessible way for us to gain information on just about anything. People nowadays would rather sit in the comforts of their home and surf the Internet to find a product or service than stress themselves going out and finding the actual shop. For businesses owners, the Internet is a very effective platform for them to reach their target market. Indeed, having a company website can be beneficial for both the owner and the customer.

What’s a business without an Internet presence? The Washington Post weighs in:

And with more people searching for businesses online and on their smartphones, companies without a site may be missing out on extra business.

“You might as well be a ghost,” says Blasingame, who hosts “The Small Business Advocate,” an online and nationally syndicated radio show. “The customers and opportunity pass right through you.”

Sales at Bad Pickle Tees have doubled since Cyndi Grasman began selling her quirky food-related T-shirts online a year ago.

“I’m reaching a larger audience,” she says.

Marilyn Caskey says her website has cut down on time-consuming phone calls with customers. The owner of The Garment Exchange launched a website for her San Antonio consignment shop two years ago…

If you are looking to expand, it is important that your potential customers can easily locate you – both on the Internet and in an accessible address. It is recommended that you find an office rental in Washington DC that can provide you both.

We at Metro Office offer office space for rent in Washington DC provided with amenities to cater to your business demands. Our Business Support Services cover website design, web and email hosting, as well as options for your own business cards and stationery design. We also have a Virtual Office for online business types. With us, you will get all the functionality of a furnished office to help you grow your business, but with reduced overhead expenses on your part.

(Article Excerpt from Skip the website? Some small businesses still do, The Washington Post, June 5, 2014)

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