Cubicles Vanish as More Businesses Discover the Merits of Hotdesking

Cubicles Vanish as More Businesses Discover the Merits of Hotdesking

hotdesking office spaceAs the world of business blasts further into the 21st century, it’s clear that “going to work” no longer means what it used to. In recent decades, office workers staked their claim on bland office cubicles, looking forward to the day when they might be able to relocate to an office on the perimeter of the company real estate, or even a coveted corner office. People decorated their “home away from home” with plants, photos and other personal touches.

In today’s mobile and tech-driven world, territorial office space is fast becoming a distant memory as the concept of hotdesking continues to pick up pace. Hotdesking was first utilized in Europe, and now is on trend in the United States. This office organization system involves several workers using a single desk or workstation during different shifts instead of each staff member having their own dedicated desk. A hotdesking set-up can work well for companies with employees who work varying schedules, or where sales representatives or other workers spend a significant amount of time out of the office. In these situations, hotdesking eliminates the dilemma of empty office space that gathers dust while costing a significant amount of money.

For many companies, like these five businesses profiled by Inc. that have ditched assigned seating in recent years, the benefits of hotdesking are significant.

  • Up to 30% savings in the amount of space needed to operate
  • Reduction in spiraling real estate costs
  • More efficient use of office space and resources
  • Increased interaction and collaboration among employees
  • Flexible work schedules

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