DC Office Space Solutions: Flexible Use of Affordable Executive Suites

DC Office Space Solutions: Flexible Use of Affordable Executive Suites

Choosing a strategic location for your office is an important key to business success. Real estate consultants know the value of proximity to a commercial district. Essentially, if your establishment is located within reasonable driving distance to everything else—customers, suppliers, and an educated workforce—your business is more likely to run more productively.


In this excerpt, About.com outlines some of the cost considerations when deciding on a location for your business:

[…] For most young companies money is an issue and cost will end up being a trade off with one of the other considerations….Most commonly, the most expensive office space is located in downtown metropolitan areas. If a majority of your customers are downtown (for example clients for a law firm), then your only choice may be to locate your office downtown. A medical office may be cheaper (all other costs considered) in a medical park or complex. Lower cost options usually abound in buildings with high vacancy rates. […]

[…] If your business requires highly skilled and professional employees, a location near the more successful suburbs would be best. If low skilled or clerical workers are a bigger concern, then a location near an urban area or at least a major mass transit line will be best. […]

Ideally, your office should be located in a secured, attractive, and a well-managed building in order to create a positive first impression among your clients and prospective employees. It should provide enough space to accommodate equipment, furniture, and staff members who should be able to move around with minimal obstructions. Additional amenities, such as kitchen, parking, or even bike storage for employees show a humanistic consideration towards them that fosters goodwill and productivity.

Offices that take the trouble to decorate their interior for a more visually pleasant atmosphere help enhance the work spaces making them more conducive to working and problem-solving. Choose designs that strongly represent your business values and the professional image you want to project. There are available DC office space providers that provide work spaces complete with amenities that you’ll ever need to do your business, including attractively decorated rooms.

There are workspace solutions such as those offered by Metro Offices that can provide you neat spaces to work in, amenities such as high-speed internet, audio-visual equipment, VOIP, and use of business lounge, and the necessary administrative support you’ll need to do productive work. Metro Offices, for instance, also offer varied packages that include use of executive suites in Washington DC.

(Article Information and Image from Selecting an Office Location, About.com)


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