DC Tech Start-Ups on the Rise

DC Tech Start-Ups on the Rise

Washington, DC used to be synonymous with the federal government. And it still is. However, Washington, DC and the Metro DC area is now home to an ever expanding tech industry as well as a region that hosts a younger, educated, wealthier population. All this makes for fertile conditions for tech start-ups.

Here’s why we believe your tech start-up would do well with an office space in DC or at any of our locations in and around Washington, DC:

New Money, Tech Money
According to the Washington Post, it all started when the federal government granted contracts to hundreds of new companies in the area. The burgeoning need for computer technology convinced engineers, developers, and other IT specialists to flock to the area. Individuals and companies have had a hard time keeping up with the Federal demand for IT services.

The result? Their tech-related businesses are now generating thousands of six-figure jobs. This breed of newly moneyed, tech-savvy entrepreneurs is giving DC an income boost. If you’re starting a tech business, this area is a great place to start..

Cultural Revolution
DC has always been known for its workaholic ways. Its people are known to work long hours and play hard. The Metro DC area has a lively night life with restaurants and hip hangouts popping up all the time.

This phenomenon has worked in favor of tech start-ups and may work for yours too. Workers here are happier while still being as busy as ever.

Additionally, compared with other metro areas, the number of women in top executive positions in DC is about the national average. This has led to the emergence of high-earning dual-income couples in the area.

Talent Pool
The tech spin-offs and start-ups draw highly educated professionals and immigrants to the DC area. Millennials are inspired by the shift in focus from government to the private sector. According to Christopher Schroeder, a business advisor, these are young people who want to “fix the world and give back.” If they can’t do it by working for the government or aid organizations, they’ll do it by creating or working for start-ups.

Metro Offices can help you get started. We will match you up with a fully furnished and conveniently located office space in DC or the surrounding area. Give us a call at (877) 697-7005 to learn more.


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