DC Telework: A Step Toward A Brighter Future

DC Telework: A Step Toward A Brighter Future

While the world may be changing more quickly than many of us would like, and keeping up with new attitudes, political climates, and rapidly evolving technology can seem like a full-time job, the popularity of DC telework is an indicator that in the eyes of many, we’re moving in a positive direction. Once a rare perk that was offered only to entrepreneurs, high-ranking company members, and the occasional employee who spent more time on the road than at home and deserved some much-needed family time, telecommuting is now a popular option for companies and their employees alike, and are part of a shift toward a more global, more flexible, more “always connected” way of doing business.

Thanks to top-notch support and telework solutions, it is now easier than ever to conduct business without spending most days in the office, giving employees valuable and much-appreciated flexibility, while allowing the business to cut costs.

In Washington D.C., as in many of the world’s major cities, location counts for a great deal. Having the right address in the right part of town is essential to being taken seriously as a contender in your field, regardless of the size of your company or its’ operating budget. However, for many small businesses and start-ups, not being able to afford the daunting cost of real estate in the most highly desirable parts of town causes them to lose out on clients, and this failure to compete means it takes even longer for that company to achieve the status and the address that will benefit it.

With the option of DC telework on the table, businesses can set up a sophisticated virtual office that comes complete with a highly-desired Washington D.C. mailing address, giving the impression of a company with stature and a large budget, even if you’ve only just opened your doors this year.

While the office itself is virtual, the support system you receive is so comprehensive, you may as well have a staff of office workers in the next room. From mail services and a full-fledged answering service, to a virtual club and the ability to outsource tasks to members of the virtual support team for a nominal extra fee, you’ll receive the benefits of a complete office setup, prestigious business address, and hard-working support team, without ever having to change out of your pajamas. The advantages offered by DC telework are something that both you and your employees are able to appreciate.

For most workers, spending an extra two hours a day commuting to and from the office combined with a tendency to spend hours sitting behind a desk has led to an increasingly isolated and sedentary lifestyle. This new way of doing business is not only not unproductive from a business standpoint, it’s beginning to show the ill-effects on the health of many American white-collar workers. With DC telework, employees have the freedom to live a more well-balanced, well-adjusted lifestyle, which leads to healthier workers, happier families, and more productive hours spent dedicated to work. Proven business, manager and employee success stories are proving that telework is helping America move toward a brighter future, one step at a time.

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Kathlene Buchanan is the president and founder of Metro Offices, one of the premiere, women-owned, executive office centers in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. With presence in 8 different locations throughout the capital area, Metro Offices offers a full range of innovative business solutions and advanced technologies to help businesses compete in today’s transitioning business environment. Buchanan has been in the industry since 1979, and Metro Offices has been operating since 1989 with locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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