DC Telework Helps Avoid Cutbacks In Your Staff

DC Telework Helps Avoid Cutbacks In Your Staff

Creating a DC telework staff can save you from laying off valuable, trained employees. Your staff is the most valuable commodity your business has. However, more and more business owners are cutting their staff to a skeleton crew, while maintaining rental space in order to give a professional environment.

We’ve all seen the changes in the work world that have occurred over the past few years as our country has been living an economic recession. The new reality is that there are fewer competitors for much of the business that is out there, because so many have closed their doors or downsized to the point that they can not take on business beyond a certain size. However, those companies who are left are offering rates that are hard to beat because often they are simply so hungry for work. That leaves many companies with very little in profit as they compete in this environment.

Downsizing your costs while maintaining your experienced staff with DC telework options is the solution to competing in today’s marketplace.

Telework offers many cost-cutting advantages such as:

–          the ability to downsize your physical space drastically, saving on the cost of rent

–          actual office supplies from toilet paper to pens can be greatly reduced

–          support contracts for janitorial needs, maintenance, etc. are reduced or eliminated

–          utilities, insurance and other costs are minimal

This means the overhead that you have to build into your pricing is significantly reduced. You can charge competitively and still make a decent profit, thanks to a competent DC telework staff, that formerly filled the physical space you rented.

When faced with the need to cut costs in order to save money, save your staff by transitioning them into your DC telework staff and save on the other hard costs of running your business.

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