Demand for DC Office Space for Rent Proves District’s Economic Edge

Demand for DC Office Space for Rent Proves District’s Economic Edge

Partners for Economics Solutions, an economic consulting firm, recently discovered that industrial space in the District of Columbia was reduced by 1.08 million square feet from 1993 to 2012. The Washington Business Journal reflects this sentiment. “Washington is a company town. Same goes for the region. It is not a hotspot for manufacturing and heavy industrial business, and its inventory of those spaces reflects as much.”


The sizable inventory of DC office space for rent is evidence of this fact, not to mention the District’s fame as one of the best places in the US for budding entrepreneurs. The District is well known for its various information technology, construction, and consulting firms that cater to the federal government. Those interested in setting up shop in DC can get a good head start with the help of workplace solution providers like Metro Offices that offer fully-equipped office suites at convenient and prestigious locations.

Meanwhile, businesses that wish to expand their presence in DC may want to take things up a notch by renting executive suites. These office spaces come with standard office amenities like high-speed internet, conference rooms, stylish office furniture, and receptionist services to create a formal and professional ambiance. These details can make all the difference when you wish to impress potential business partners or investors.

Executive office suites typically appeal to corporate types. Indeed, some of the best executive office suites in Washington DC cater to lobbyists, lawyers, federal authorities, and other service-oriented entities such as consulting agencies. Yet even those in the creative fields may find that such facilities can suit their purposes quite well.

In terms of practicality, it is advisable to consider one’s logistical needs before booking any executive office space for rent. After all, most executive suites are designed to accommodate about five to ten persons, i.e. a company’s core officers and staff members. Any more than that, and it may be more sensible to simply rent a regular office space.

(Article Excerpt and Image from D.C. looks to fill dwindling industrial spaces, Washington Business Journal, October 23, 2013)


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