Designing an Office that Unleashes Your Creative Side

Designing an Office that Unleashes Your Creative Side

There are plenty of ways to design your office to get your employees’ creative juices going. An office space can greatly affect your employees’ productivity, health and happiness. Believe it or not, redesigning your office can make your team more lively, more attentive and more creative. Metro Offices, a company that provides quality office space in Reston, VA and the surrounding area, gives you some tips on how to spruce up your office to get your employees’ at their creative best:

  • Encourage your team to bring in personal items to add to their work spaces. People tend to act more natural and comfortable in a place where they see familiar things.
  • Watch and understand what keeps your employees working productively in terms of your office space. Once you know what keeps your people active, talk to your office space contractor and let them know how you want the office designed.
  • Have assigned “areas” in your office. For example, if it is time to eat, eat in the community cafe. If you want to take a break and relax for a bit, grab a coffee and chill on the couch in the lounge. The important thing is to have a designated space for activities your employees tend to do frequently.
  • Brand your office space with things related to what you do. If your business is about writing, for example, then have poems or quotes pasted (or even written) on your office walls. This can be a visual reminder and motivation for your employees.
  • Allow your employees to listen to music (with headphones) to relax or to stay focused. Being relaxed lets the creative juices flow.
  • Determine if a new seating arrangement can improve productivity and morale. For example, grouping the right set of employees together in a shared work environment allows them to interact better with each other allowing them to become more creative. People are wired to be socially active, and when one focuses on nothing but the tasks in front of them, they can eventually become bored and less productive. Metro Offices in Reston, VA offers shared office spaces, team spaces, hotdesking, coworking, hoteling, workspace on demand and many other office space solutions with high-speed Internet connections so that your employees can easily “plug-and-play.” Whatever your workspace needs, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs.
  • Have a “recreational” space in your office where employees can play games or just interact with one another. Taking small breaks from work to do something else that’s fun can help with a person’s creativity. Our new Tysons location at Greensboro Station Place will have a wine bar our clients will have an opportunity to enjoy.

Metro Offices delivers modern and up-to-date office space, as well as everything that any business may need. To take a tour of our Reston office space, call Metro Offices at (703) 871-5208 today.

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