Expanding Your Business by Opting for Shared Office Space Rentals

Expanding Your Business by Opting for Shared Office Space Rentals

Shared Office Space imageAs a business owner, purchasing or putting up your own building where you can set up your office is a good option. This, however, is not necessarily suitable for everyone, especially if you are new in the industry and just starting out. Buying your own building entails serious amounts of money which you could actually channel towards other areas of your business to build a stronger foundation. A viable option to consider, especially in busy areas like Washington, DC, is going for shared office rentals.

Not only do coworking spaces allow for easy collaboration between members of your team, but they also foster professional networking among like-minded professionals. For the entrepreneur, start-up and freelancing crowd, mentorship plays a significant role in both professional development and startup funding and after-hours schmoozing with other tenants of your coworking space could even lead to new business solutions. This was in fact the case for Invoke Media, who landed a deal with the TV show “The Voice” after networking at a PGi #shift event in New York.

As the article mentions, not only will you be able to save more in terms of overhead spending, you will also be able to open up opportunities for networking. Being able to tie up with other companies providing services that will compliment what you are offering is an important factor for growth and expansion. Apart from networking, there are many other benefits if you choose to rent shared office space in DC as against going the traditional way.

Fostering a culture of productivity

Through shared office space, you will be able to foster a more productive culture for your staff and other employees. They will be able to share and exchange ideas with their other co-workers and create stronger working relationships that is essential for the growth of your business.

All the other perks

Despite the significant savings, there are of course the many different perks that will benefit your company and your employees. Among them are the equipment and other gadgets available, like telephones, fax machines, strong Wi-Fi and Internet connection, projectors, and televisions, among others. Additionally, trusted companies who offer shared office space in DC like Metro Offices also provide kitchen lounge and beverage services, professional receptionists, administrative support, and janitorial cleaning and maintenance services.

(Article Excerpt and Image from “Get Out of There! The Advantages of Coworking Spaces for Office Workers,” Work Snug, February 28, 2013)

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