Flex Desk for the Home Office Entrepreneur

Flex Desk for the Home Office Entrepreneur

Multifamily housing units are becoming more common in the DC area as people are opting out of mortgages in exchange for monthly rental fees that require less commitment. Homeownership is on a steady decline, which leaves apartment complexes next in line for residential options.

This puts the Tysons Corner area in the spotlight for a population surge. Commuting costs are on the rise which means more people want to work closer to home. As the job market within Tysons is predicted to increase, it gives plenty of incentive for families to relocate.

This could pose a potential problem for entrepreneurs who will lose their home office space by downsizing. At first, the option of using the business center in an apartment complex might seem like a fair substitution, but often these centers are not equipped to handle anything more than simple email and printing needs, and do not offer anything in the arena of voice and data technology systems.

Metro Offices has a prime location in Tysons Corner that is an ideal option for people who need office space. FlexDesk is a new service that was designed with flexibility in mind. This is a brilliant workplace on demand solution for those of you who don’t need the hassle or cost of a full time desk in a shared space. With Flex Desk, you have the option of paying a monthly fee that gives you 40 hours per month of workstation access.  Other benefits tied into that cost include:

  • unifed communications with VOIP and a local number
  • voicemail to email technology
  • telephone answering service
  • meeting room usage.

Since Metro Offices provides the latest technology to their clients, you get to avoid the roadblocks that are inevitable when it comes to installing your own technology system.

There’s no reason for your business to suffer due to downsizing and losing a home office. Due to the flexible nature of this option, you are able to secure the maximum benefits of an innovative workspace with minimal costs.

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