FlexDesk: A Versatile Office Space Solution

FlexDesk: A Versatile Office Space Solution

Choosing an office space is one of the most important decisions you have to make as a business owner. Having a well-equipped office, for instance, can significantly help in your day-to-day operations, boosting your productivity. A beautifully designed office with all the essential amenities and right in the heart of a strategic location, on the other hand, can enhance your company’s image.


The ideal office space should be in the right location, featuring all the necessary equipment, conveniences, and at the right price. That is why when it comes to office spaces, Metro Offices offers different types of office spaces to accommodate a wide range of business needs. One solution we highly recommend for small businesses and startups is FlexDesk.

FlexDesk has amazing features and offers excellent amenities that will boost your business. Its features include:

• Bright and airy environment
• Appealing and ergonomic pieces of furniture
• Fast and secure, enterprise-grade technology platform
• A communications platform that is both robust and unified for maximum productivity
• Award-winning service support team

As for the facilities, FlexDesk provides the following:

• Impressive lobby and reception
• Beautiful views from each location
• Relaxing community cafes and member lounges
• Smooth mail processing and overnight shipping and couriers
• Utilities, facility maintenance, and cleaning

Metro Offices often recommends FlexDesk in Farragut, Washington DC to small and medium businesses. Nevertheless, it can actually be a perfect office space for different types of businesses and organizations. In fact, FlexDesk is so versatile, it is used by the following:

• Federal agencies
• Fortune 1000 companies
• Home-based business
• Entrepreneurs
• Start-ups
• Expanding businesses
• Government contractors
• Distributed workforces

Be sure to consult Metro Offices, the leader in office space solutions, if you are in the market for an office space. We can provide you with the cost-efficient workplace solution that assures your business of maximum flexibility. Moreover, we offer this semi-private workspace at flexible terms. Aside from FlexDesk, we also offer private offices, team spaces, day offices, hoteling, and hotdesking in Farragut, Washington DC.

Know more about our products and services, by calling Metro Offices today at (703) 871-5208.


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