Four Ways to Better Interactions

Four Ways to Better Interactions

Starting a new job has its share of difficulties, one of which is communicating with your new coworkers. While it is fine to keep your head down at first, it is advisable to take the initiative and establish connections immediately.


In this blog post, Metro Offices, the premier workspace company in Washington, DC, shares tips for better interactions in a team environment.

•   Listen Well
Getting along with everyone is easy when you know how to listen well. This lets you avoid possible arguments and conflicts in the workplace. When a coworker approaches you about a problem or issue, listen first. The key is responding only after the person has finished speaking. Make sure not to interrupt.

•   Ask Questions
You might be afraid to ask and just take on your tasks clueless to avoid looking inexperienced. If you want to communicate well with your teammates, ask freely. If you are unsure about your responsibilities, approach your supervisor for a clarification. With this, you can avoid confusion and problems in the future, while allowing you to work more productively.

•   Don’t Gossip
Gossiping about your coworkers is one of the worst things you can do in a professional environment. This leads to negative emotions between your teammates and might eventually result in fighting. Make it a priority not to actively participate in talking negatively about other people, especially behind their back.

•   Take Genuine Interest
It is even easier to get along with others when you take a genuine interest to them. Build mutual confidence with your coworkers by learning about their home life and families. According to, “Gaining the confidence of fellow workers is made much easier when you demonstrate you have a caring attitude.” Try to develop personal relationships with everyone if you can—but try not to be invasive, as well.

With these tips, you are sure to win over your new coworkers. Communicating with them will be even better with a comfortable and interactive Washington, DC office space by Metro Offices. With our lovely and efficient workspaces powered by superior network infrastructure, we will help you meet the unique work-styles and variables in today’s market.

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