Get To Know Your Brand New Office Space: Part 2 of 2

Get To Know Your Brand New Office Space: Part 2 of 2

(This is a continuation of the 2-part blog series. Click here for Part 1

With the right team and the right office space in Fairfax VA, your business is going to be set for success. But even the best of teams need the right tools to get the job done effectively. Aside from the support teams and comfortable offices, Metro Offices’ workspace strategy also involves technology and communication which are tools for the job, and the synergy to do work efficiently.

Our technology support is going to provide your business with fiber & dedicated bandwidth, with high internet speed for your quick perusal of the web. If your business has a website, we can also help with our data centers and hosting solutions with 99% Uptime on N +2 Redundant Network. For added synergy and back up for your office files, we also have cloud computing. We also have an available help desk & technical support teams for technology-related needs.

Now, you’ve got the tools, it’s time to streamline the synergy of your office and business relations with communications. To make things simpler for our clients, we provide office space in Fairfax that is equipped with enterprise grade VoIP and a unified communications platform, a drag n’ drop call management system, a private chat network, a graphical user interface, visual voicemail, and even a virtual board room for quick meetings with your team over the network.

Your office is now all set! You’ve got the team, the right office space, the tech support and you’ve got excellent communications all in place for your convenience. Remember that people, workspaces, technology and communication are the keys to your success and Metro Offices can provide them all for you.


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