Getting Your Business Bouncing Back After a Disaster

Getting Your Business Bouncing Back After a Disaster

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel hit the east coast that resulted in several deaths, injured thousands, and caused widespread destruction of up to $5.7 Billion to all affected areas. Preparations were made by state officials, but the storm was simply overwhelming. That disaster laid a heavy toll for small business owners and corporations alike. With climate change, things could only get worse.

If you’re one of those that have felt nature’s wrath, would you want to be unprepared if such a disaster were to hit your area and affect your business today?

In this modern age, especially in Reston – being the IT-Technology hub of the Metro DC area – can you imagine what a prolonged power outage can do to enterprises in the area? Blackouts due to storms can cost businesses major financial losses, not to mention the repairs that have to be done if a company’s Reston office space is subjected to hurricane-strength winds and flooding.

Diesel Service & Supply says this is what a power outage can do to your business and your profits:

Electrical power outages, surges and spikes bring about more than $150 billion in annual damages to the U.S. economy. Every year, an estimated $104 billion to $164 billion goes down the drain due to power interruptions, while another $15 billion to $24 billion is lost on account of poor power quality such as voltage fluctuations, power surges and spikes.

Those losses are simply unacceptable, and that’s why we at Metro Offices ensure that we have disaster recovery and contingency plans for all our units that can help you bounce back as fast as possible. We will help your business start operating as soon as any disaster is done. Remember that calamities can strike anytime so you should also be ready with your own contingency plan to speed up the process.

Our innovative and comfortable buildings can give you the office space in Reston VA that your growing business deserves, which will give you and your company an edge over the competition. Call us at Metro Offices for your workspace needs today!

(Article Excerpt from Top 10 Industries that would be Affected Most by a Power Outage,

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