Government Contractors Benefit from Blended Workforce Solution

Government Contractors Benefit from Blended Workforce Solution

Government contractors require location flexibility when it comes to keeping up with the pace of their ever-transitioning work environment. Major changes in structure recently have opened the door to more possibilities for working remotely, and telework and virtual office space have emerged as practical and affordable alternatives to traditional offices.

With Metro Offices’ Blended Workforce Model, government contractors have the professional, secure office environment they need for important meetings and projects. Locked offices, badge access to elevators and trained receptionists in every lobby come standard at each Metro Office location.

For times when they prefer to work outside of the office, government contractors can have every piece of information they need at their fingertips thanks to cutting-edge technology available through Metro Offices’ Telework Solutions—an integral part of the Blended Workforce Model.

Not only does the Blended Workforce help contractors to increase productivity and save time, but it also helps clients to meet tight budget constraints. Clients utilizing the Blended Workforce Model have reported a significant decrease in the costs of maintaining an office and administrative personal. Every task and meeting can be accomplished through Metro Offices—no need for a separate office purchase or rental.

Customized for Each Government Contract

Because each contract is unique, Metro Offices works with government contractors to create the best combination of solutions, cutting out unnecessary expenditures and incorporating the services necessary to increase scalability and productivity. From telework solutions and virtual office services to shared office space and business support services, Metro Offices can help government contractors to achieve an ideal work environment and streamline business tasks.

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