Guess What’s Cooking at Our Tysons Location?

Guess What’s Cooking at Our Tysons Location?

Our Metro Offices Greensboro location is about to get even better. Recently ‘The Boro’ Tysons, where our offices are located, announced a host of hot new retailers gearing up to join the mixed-use development. Below, we give the rundown on five of our favorites.

Bluestone Lane

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re familiar with the avocado-toast craze. Few do it better than Bluestone Lane, the Australian-influenced, artisanal coffee shop with locations throughout New York, southern California and, as of recently, in DC. The Avo Smash, one of the cafe chain’s “signature dishes,” boasts ripe avocados, feta cheese, Tahini sauce, feta cheese, and cherry tomatoes, among other delicious ingredients.

ShowPlace ICON Theater

ShowPlace has become something of a household name recently, with its wall-to-wall screens, “Red Carpet Recliner” seating, notably high-quality sound, and other amenities that make going to the movies feel like a treat again. And did we mention the adult-seating section, with private tables?  

Fish Taco

There’s no shortage of Mexican and Mexican-inspired food in the DC area, but with its focuses on authenticity and freshness, the local Fish Taco truly does give diners a “unique taqueria experience.” The planned Boro location will be the fourth area eatery for the chain.

For a lunch that you can as easily eat at the restaurant with a coworker and by yourself at your laptop on the rooftop terrace at Metro Offices’ Tysons location, Fish Taco’s street-food menu can’t be beaten. (We recommend the Adobo Grilled Chicken tacos!)

Whole Foods Market

There’s a reason people go gaga over this Austin-based supermarket chain. Its food looks good, tastes good and — by and large — is good for you. With up to 1,000 varieties of cheeses, an array of freshly made bread, cakes, and other baked goods, fresh seafood and all sorts of obscure, international delicacies, it’s tough to top Whole Foods for the experience. 

If you’re worried about the market’s reputation for priciness, check out this list of food items that will cost you less at Whole Foods than at competitors. 


Most people probably like to skirt this rule, but eye-health professionals recommend eyes get checked every one-to-two years. If you use Metro Offices’ Tysons location, you’ll soon have a MyEyeDr. within strolling distance of your laptop and morning bagel — so no more worrying about fighting traffic to get to that eye appointment you made months ago but forgot to reschedule.

Since MyEyeDr. has locations all along the Eastern seaboard, you can pick up last-minute, emergency contacts while on travel (if, of course, they have your prescription in-stock). You can make and change appointments online in the patient portal. You can browse hundreds of frame styles. In short, this place makes it as easy as possible for you to take care of your eyes, stylishly and at a range of price points. 


Several other restaurants have also signed on to move into The Boro and will join an office complex and the apartment and luxury condominium tower. Tasty Kabob, Flower Child, North Italia and Tropical Smoothie Café will open in ‘Boro Place,’ the retail spine of the development.



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