Home Office: Increase Your Productivity at Home with Virtual Office Services

Home Office: Increase Your Productivity at Home with Virtual Office Services

Every home office worker knows two things: the value of their time, and the importance of running that business on their own terms. Time truly is money, and spending even a minute of potential income-producing time ineffectively is an expense no business can afford.

When operating your business out of your home, there are many important steps that you must take to ensure that your time is spent wisely and cost-effectively. One of the biggest challenges is separating your business from your personal life.

Here are some tips to maintaining a productive virtual office out of your home: 

  1. Set Up Practical Hours
    1. Stick to standard business hours to stay accessible to colleagues and customers in traditional office settings.
    2. Make an effort to strictly follow the hours you set – both for start and stop times.
  2. Use Virtual Assistant Services
    1. A virtual receptionist works for you on a virtual basis rather than in your office space
    2. Have them do your administrative work, around the clock
    3. Makes your work time more productive because you stay focused on income-generation rather than on busywork.
    4. Use a virtual receptionist as a telephone answering service and your business will have a professional image instantly.
  3. Stay Connected to Your Team
    1. Use virtual means of communicating
      1. Web calls
      2. Instant messaging
      3. Frequent emails
    2. Stay abreast of what your staff is doing and whether they are using their time efficiently.
    3. Consider building an “Intranet” to connect everyone together under one platform.
  4. Use Virtual Mail Services
    1. Cut down on your trips to the post office or FedEx.
    2. Print postage online to create an efficient direct mailing system.
    3. USPS offers many other services for your home office mailing convenience.

Finally, take time to appreciate all the benefits you enjoy by working from a home office. One of the most cost-effective small business solutions out there, with a home office, your overhead is much lower, leaving you more resources for growing your business. With solid planning and some measure of discipline, you’ll also enjoy saving time and money by avoiding a commute to and from a traditional office. Your home office is also environmentally-friendly, and you’ll enjoy lower energy costs working from home, a greener alternative to commuting to work.

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