How DC Telework and Washington Virtual Office Go Hand-in-Hand

How DC Telework and Washington Virtual Office Go Hand-in-Hand

There is really no stopping DC telework now, especially since both the House and Senate have passed the Telework Improvements Act of 2010 (H.R. 1722). Under this act, federal agencies have 180 days to determine employee eligibility to telework and also during that same time frame must establish policies for these telework-eligible employees. From that point, the employees will enter into a written agreement with the federal agency.

With the increasing numbers of teleworkers, there is a new need for Washington virtual offices and DC meeting rooms to provide the necessary support to employees working outside of a traditional office environment, at least part of the time. While DC telework solutions are available to make teleworking productive and efficient whether the employees are working from home or a local coffee shop with wireless Internet, there may sometimes still be a need for a physical workspace.

On-demand Washington virtual offices provide an ideal environment for teleworkers with fully-equipped, professional workspace. From phone answering service and administrative support to teleconference capabilities and access to DC meeting rooms, all bases are covered to help telework employees and dc government contractors accomplish work tasks and maximize productivity.

DC meeting rooms, training rooms and executive offices provide a practical way for business owners and employees to work productively when away from the office. There are over 34 physical workplaces available throughout the DC Metro area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia, allowing companies and agencies in any part of the Metro to put their best face forward for important business tasks and meetings.

If you are establishing a new telework program or expanding a current one, having the right support in place makes the transition as smooth as possible. Washington virtual offices comes with trained administrative support as well as tech support to ensure managers and employees have everything they need and that everything is operating optimally.

How might a Washington virtual office benefit your agency or business?

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