How Employers Can Promote and Support Productive DC Telework Efforts

How Employers Can Promote and Support Productive DC Telework Efforts

As more and more federal agencies and DC government contractors strive to meet the federal administration’s call to telework, many managers and employers are left wondering exactly how they can implement telework programs effectively. Setting up a telework program for success takes much more than just giving workers the permission to do their jobs remotely. In order to keep productivity high, accountability must be put in place and, even more importantly, workers must have access to the technology and tools necessary to do their jobs.

It’s no secret that there are numerous benefits to teleworking. From saving big money on gas for daily commutes and cutting back on greenhouse gas emission to businesses being able to reduce office space or even go office-less, the well-implemented telework program can be a win-win for employees and businesses alike.

Employers need to keep these potential benefits in the forefront of managers’ minds, especially those who tend to be more skeptical and resistant to change. However, an even more important piece to the puzzle is arming these managers and employees with the right set of tools, namely, the latest telework technology and professional workspaces when necessary.

Through tools like Unified Communications, VoIP, Follow-me/Find Me phone technology, and professional telephone answering services, teleworkers can continue business as usual without skipping a beat regardless of where they are working.

Of course, there will be times when a physical workspace or meeting room is necessary, so employers can connect managers and teleworkers with fully-equipped, professional virtual office space, executive offices and meeting rooms. With on-demand access to these facilities, there is no reason why a teleworker won’t be able to meet and surpass business tasks and goals.

It’s all about setting up managers and employees for success, and there are DC Telework Solutions packages available to make initiating and implementing a productive, effective telework program easy.

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