Telework Can Be Effective and Secure with the Right DC Telework Solutions

Telework Can Be Effective and Secure with the Right DC Telework Solutions

While there has been a clear call from the federal government to federal agencies to expand telework efforts, many managers are still resistant to adopting telework programs. One of the primary concerns is that teleworkers will not have the necessary technology or security to perform jobs in the same way they can in a traditional office. The truth is that the right telework solutions include technology that can keep employees working securely, productively and just as effectively as they can in the office.

DC Telework Solutions makes it possible for federal agencies and government contractors to obtain remote worker technology and services that are proven to be secure, so that employees can work remotely on confidential tasks and handle classified information discreetly.

In addition to technology and services enabling employees to work from home, there are executive offices available that provide a safe and secure office in a convenient location in the DC Metro Area. With executive offices, workers can have what they need to accomplish important tasks without having to make the long commute to their permanent office location. These private, locked offices come with trained receptionists, badge-access-only elevators as well as trained tech support to ensure you have the privacy and security required.

This combination of telework technology and professional office space is the answer to many federal agency managers’ concerns. While each agency must determine if a certain job can be accomplished remotely, the right technology and workspace can make telework program expansion a reality that benefits workers, agencies, clients and the government.

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