How Small Businesses Can Go Environmental

How Small Businesses Can Go Environmental

The world has been experiencing severe weather conditions. We can see them in the news everyday – from record-breaking typhoons hitting the beautiful islands of the Philippines and heat waves in several European countries, to droughts in Africa and massive hurricanes raking through the US’ eastern seaboard, which has resulted to substantial damage to infrastructures, livelihoods, and human lives. Several studies show that this is the effect of our total disregard of the environment as we produce considerable amount of CO2, triggering what we now call Global Warming and Climate Change.

Because of this, it has been a growing predicament to the global community. In the private sectors, a growing consensus between scientific and business communities from around the world is emerging; focused on at least minimizing our CO2 emissions without significantly affecting the global economy. Even those engaged in the business of fossil fuels are having a change of heart:

At the base of the mountain, Tom Steyer was a billionaire hedge-fund manager with oil and gas investments and a seemingly conflicted conscience. But by the time he and environmentalist Bill McKibben finished a hike up two tall Adirondacks peaks on that summer day in 2012, Steyer had revealed that he was ready to change his life — he would unload his investments in fossil fuels and become an activist in the fight against global warming.

Today, Steyer has become the environmental hero he set out to be and vowed to spend up to $100 million this year to help elect candidates who are committed to fighting global warming.

Climate change affects all of us and it’s not just up to the government and the top corporate players to find the solution to the ever-increasing environmental problems. All of us can contribute in our own small way in reducing carbon emission. Small scale businesses and practices in DC, for instance, can actually help by making use of a virtual office in DC area.

Since interactions between co-workers and colleagues are done online, there won’t be any need for employees to travel in cars, or use public transports such as buses and trains. This setup not only helps reduce carbon emissions, but lessens transportation costs, as well. You see, not only are you able to help the environment but you can also significantly improve your business’ cost efficiency.

For DC virtual office space, you can ask Metro Offices to arrange one for you. We have been providing workspace solutions in DC for over 24 years that is why we know the demands of small businesses. In these modern times and with the climate problems at hand, we know that a ‘virtual’ setup is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Tom Steyer’s slow and ongoing conversion from fossil fuels investor to climate activist, Washington Post)

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