Boost Your Business with Perfect Conference Rooms

Boost Your Business with Perfect Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are an excellent alternative to traditional office spaces. As business owners find a happy medium between remote and in-person work, many companies are switching to meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces. With benefits ranging from convenience and flexibility to cost savings, it’s no wonder why entrepreneurs are jumping on this trend.    

Office rentals allow tenants to customize their space for functionality and style so employees can thrive. In addition, there are options for all business sizes. So whether you’re a large corporation or a small team of four, you can find a work environment that best suits your needs.

However, each meeting room provides unique benefits, so it’s vital to determine the features and amenities that will contribute to your team’s success before making your decision.  

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Essentials for a conference space 

Do your workers require the latest technology to support their projects? Are there specific tools or equipment you need to boost operations? Before renting a conference room, consider these four essential factors to ensure you select the best match for your business needs. 

1. Meeting room ambiance 

Your work atmosphere can make a difference in company morale and mood. For example, a cluttered cubical can stunt productivity, while an open workspace welcomes connection and creativity. As you tour locations, get a feel for the ambiance to determine if it’s a comfortable environment for your team to focus on their projects. 

Sufficient floor space 

Don’t underestimate the power of additional square footage. Space allows you and your staff to move around and stretch without feeling confined. You can also divide the room into designated areas for brainstorming, workstations, and breaks. Working in a multi-functional office can breathe new life into your daily activities.

High ceilings

Meeting spaces with low ceilings can make employees feel trapped and uninspired. On the other hand, a spacious office with tall ceilings invites creativity and exploration. Consider looking for roomy conference spaces, so team members feel motivated to tap into their imagination.    

Light and clear walls

For many office workers, cluttered sticky notes and calendars are reminiscent of a traditional work environment. However, clear walls provide a blank canvas to declutter the desk and mind. With a clean area, everyone can focus on their zone of genius without feeling overwhelmed by their surroundings. 

If your staff wants a splash of color, you can add art pieces or accent walls for a powerful statement. For instance, Metro Offices offers customizable options where tenants can paint or install wallpaper in meeting room rentals. 

In addition, studies show that natural lighting in a work environment can boost productivity, improve satisfaction rates, and create a better indoor experience for employees. If you want to see the results for yourself, ensure your office has plenty of windows.    

Open space

If you want to cultivate team building and collaboration, opt for an open-space concept. For example, our shared workspaces allow staff members to connect with other business owners, humanizing the corporate environment and making your team more eager to work in person.


2. Facility offerings

Not all offices are created equal, so when searching for the ideal conference room for your business, learn about your rental’s features and amenities. Keep upcoming projects and launches in mind as you explore your options.

PC projection

Are presentations a frequent occurrence at your company? If the answer is yes, consider meeting rentals that include tools like PC projection, allowing you to share ideas, display videos, and take notes. Ideal for brainstorming sessions and client meetings, add this amenity to your list as you sort through conference rooms.

Wireless high-speed internet access

WiFi is a must in today’s digital world. As you look at conference spaces, prioritize high-speed internet. The last thing you want is to drop important Zoom calls or slow down projects because your operations are not supported. High-speed internet ensures a seamless and stress-free work experience for your employees and excellent service for your clients.


Have you ever been on a call that cut out mid-conversation? High-ticket clients should never experience a frustrating situation like this. Low quality or poor service can create barriers in your professional relationships. Instead, set yourself up for smooth conversations with an office space that provides easy, seamless teleconferencing. You can say goodbye to the awkward follow-ups and hello to confident conference calls.  

Maintaining quality in other factors

Quality makes all the difference in your work environment. From high-speed WiFi to plug-and-play TVs and meeting room acoustics, attending to these factors will help you discern which rental accommodates your company best. 

3. Knowing the entire meeting room costs

Before reserving a space downtown, be sure you know all the associated costs to avoid unexpected expenses. Keeping additional fees in mind will help you find an ideal place that fits your budget. 

Setup and strike fees

Some rental companies charge a setup and breakdown fee for furniture. However, Metro Offices provides modular furniture, so you can reinvent the environment to reflect your business’ personality without worrying about setup costs. You also have the option to bring your own furniture and style as you please.  

Access to power

Many companies may charge for power and WiFi, so inquire about possible fees associated with these amenities. You will want to work with a rental company that understands your needs and can meet them without hassle or exorbitant prices.


If you’ve seen quotes on websites that seem too good to be true, they likely are. The costs promoted often don’t reflect the taxes of renting a meeting room. Ensure your budget is respected by asking for transparency upfront. You will feel more confident in your decision when you have each piece of the puzzle.

Service fees

Like taxes, you may not see service fees on the website or an initial quote. Service fees may include air conditioning, water, internet, cleaning, security, energy, gas, and electricity. Sometimes administration fees are also incorporated. So again, don’t be afraid to ask about all the necessary components and costs to narrow down your list of office rentals. 

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4. Convenience and accessibility 

The best conference rooms are the ones that are accessible to all employees. From public transportation to parking, here are three key features to ensure convenience for your team (and yourself)!

Choose a nearby location

The less commuting, the better. Consider a centrally-located office for your workers. A downtown destination has easy access to coffee shops, restaurants, and convenience stores. Plus, there’s a guarantee that your meeting space will be near bus routes and trains. 

Arrange for ample parking

Street parking can be inconvenient — and nobody wants to interrupt a meeting to move their car! Save your employees the hassle by booking a conference room that offers plenty of parking for free or at a low cost. With daily and monthly options, Metro Offices has nine offices with access to covered parking. In addition, select Virginia locations include access to free parking lots. 

Parking is a vital factor, so be sure to explore this feature with your list of rentals. You will also want to consider staff members who ride their bikes to work. Supplying secure storage for their bicycle will make them feel more comfortable working in person. 

Make commuting a breeze 

You can’t control traffic, but you can simplify the commuting process by selecting a public transit-friendly location. If your team members or clients don’t want to drive, you can reserve a conference room accessible by bus, Metro, ZipCar, and more. After all, you want to ensure your staff feels valued by keeping their travels in mind.

Securing the right conference room begins with prioritizing the factors that will ensure your team’s success.

Although finding the perfect office space may seem complicated, there are plenty of ways to determine a good match. Set aside time with your team to discuss preferences, accommodations, and other vital features. Your employees’ feedback will guide your search for a conference room that meets your expectations.

To maximize productivity and maintain a healthy workspace, consider ambiance, facility offerings, and accessibility. In addition, gaining clarity about meeting rental costs will help you determine an ideal option that fits your budget.

Specializing in customization and convenience, Metro Offices is an excellent solution for business owners in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. From meeting room rentals to collaborative workspaces, entrepreneurs have a diverse selection to support their practices and business goals. 

Review our options and reserve a conference room today!

Women-owned and locally-focused, Metro Offices has been a catalyst for workspace innovation since 1989 and continues to be the premier provider of virtual and in-person office space in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Serving over 30,000 businesses, our high-touch services and solutions are designed to help entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs scale their businesses and optimize their professional reputations.

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