In Case You Missed It: New Japanese Restaurant Opens in Fairfax

In Case You Missed It: New Japanese Restaurant Opens in Fairfax

We have some good news for sushi and sashimi lovers: a fabulous new sushi restaurant, Murasaki, has opened in Fairfax, featuring a wide variety of delectable Japanese culinary selections. This is not you’re your average sushi restaurant though; they also offer a unique selection of American food served Japanese-style.

New Japanese Restaurant Opens in Fairfax

In today’s post, Metro Offices, the leading provider of office rentals in Fairfax, VA, shares what’s in store for you when you visit this delicious eatery.

Murasaki’s Food Selection

Murasaki is famous for its tantalizing sushi and sashimi creations, as well as other popular Japanese delicacies, including yakitori, a grilled skewered chicken served with homemade teriyaki sauce, and gyoza, a tender pork and vegetable dumpling served with tangy ginger sauce. Don’t miss their quirky takes on staple Japanese appetizers, such as edamame, shumai, and hijiki. We also recommend trying the flavor-packed rice bowls like katsudon and various Japanese noodle and salad dishes when you visit their VA location.

Located at 12158 Fairfax Towne Center, Murasaki is just a few feet away from our office rental space in Fairfax, VA.

Location Matters: Fairfax, VA

Whether you’re expanding your company or just launching a new business, location is crucial. The right location can open doors to greater manpower, brand visibility, and increased revenue. Fairfax, VA, is an excellent place to run a company. Just a few miles outside of Washington, DC, Fairfax lies halfway between Maine and Florida, and is within 300 miles of New York City. This state of Virginia is actually the center of the East Coast, giving your company unique advantages due to its proximity to significant businesses and government centers.

Strategically located on Legato Road, Fairfax, our office rental in VA is surrounded by many prominent establishments like Murasaki. Other popular commercial and government centers in the area are Fair Oaks Mall, United Artist Theatres, and Fairfax County Public Library. Furthermore, the region has outstanding transportation access to two major highways, U.S. Route 50 and U.S. Route 29, as well as rail and bus stations with multiple routes.

You can enjoy more of what Fairfax, VA, has to offer when you turn to Metro Offices. For more information about our high-quality workplace solutions, call us at (703) 871-5208 or complete our form. We look forward to meeting with you!

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