Is Your Small Business Destroying Your Waistline?

Is Your Small Business Destroying Your Waistline?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have reported that 2011 was a trying year for their companies. Hard economic times usually translate into more hours in the office and less in the gym. But your health is just as important as your bottom line – you need a healthy body to maintain focus and sustainability at work.

In a recent study of small business owners, 22% said they gained weight in 2011, and one in three are working out less.

The average time in the office ranges between 50-70 hours a week. With that schedule, it’s difficult to find time to squeeze in a workout. If you have a family and other commitments, the gym becomes a thing of fantasy, a place you used to be able to go.

Maybe you need to outsource more responsibilities. Maybe you need to rethink how your business is set up. But whatever you do, you need to incorporate working out into your schedule and stick with the routine. No exceptions. This will only work if you consider it just as much of a priority as going to the office. After all, if your body fails, how will your business succeed?

If you are a client at Metro Offices, several of our locations are near biking and walking trails. We understand the important role that health plays in our lives (after all, you only get this one body) and so we encourage our clients to lead healthy lifestyles. Giving you access to trails and keeping our kitchens stocked with green tea and filtered water are small ways we can help you stay healthy.

Happy Holidays everyone! We wish you love and joy this holiday season.



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